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Fabtacc Impex offers 100 % cotton  & blended yarns  with quality parameters within 5% -25% Uster standards. We can also arrange contamination controlled & contamination free yarns with 0 to 10 points per 20 kg fabric roll.  We offer our customers yarns produced by the mills who follow strict quality selection of raw materials & exercise control for contamination from hand picking to blow room colour contamination detectors & uster cyro clearer on cone winding

We Offer

Ring Spun Yarn
Compact yarn
Spandex yarns
Indigo dyed yarns
TFO yarns for sweater knitting
High quality TC/ CVC
Elitwist Compact yarns
Soft yarns for flannel
Tencil yarns
Open end auto-coro yarn
Core spun yarns
Zero twist yarns for towel weaving
Slub yarn
Gassed & Mercerized yarn
Cotton/Linen yarns
Recycled yarns for towel
Melange yarns
Vortex yarns
Type Count Range Application/ End use
Open end Ne 6/1 to Ne 24/1 Weaving & Knitting for Denim, Grey Woven & Knits, Bottom Weights, Towel, Home furnishing, Fleece fabrics , Gloves etc. Also TFO doubled & multi-fold.
Ring Spun Ne 6/1 to Ne 40/1
Cotton Carded
Ne 6/1 to Ne 120/1
Cotton Combed
For all weaving & Knitting applications. Grey & Dyed .
Also TFO double, Multi-fold,
Normal, Organic, BCI yarns from Indian Cotton contamination Controlled/ contamination free/ High twist / Gassed & Mercerized / Compact yarns
Speciality Ne 10/1 to Ne 40/1 Zero twist PVA, OE & Ring Spun Slub yarns , Core spun normal and Slub with Spandex / lycra, Melange yarns , Elitwist with both S & Z twist, Vortex yarns, Coloured slub
Synthetic/Blends Ne 8/1 to Ne 60/1
OE & Ring Spun
100 % Polyester, Viscose, Modal & Blends : Poly cotton, Poly Viscose, Cotton Viscose , CVC

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